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Tutorial: Andrew Fitzgibbon

BMVC Tutorial Speaker: Dr. Andrew Fitzgibbon, Principal Research Scientist, Microsoft. [row] [span2] Andrew

Andrew Fitzgibbon, Principal Research Scientist, Microsoft

[/span2] [span6] Andrew Fitzgibbon is a principal researcher in the computer vision group at Microsoft Research Cambridge. He is best known for his work...
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Keynote: Ron Kimmel

BMVC Keynote Speaker: - Prof. Ron Kimmel, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology - "A Spectral Perspective on Shapes" [row][/row] [row] [span2] ron

Prof. Ron Kimmel

[/span2] [span6] Ron Kimmel is a Professor of Computer Science at the Technion where he holds the Montreal...
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Keynote: Kristen Grauman

BMVC Keynote Speaker: - Prof. Kristen Grauman - University of Texas at Austin - "Action and Attention in First-person Vision" [row][/row] [row] [span2] kristen

Prof. Kristen Grauman

[/span2] [span6]Kristen Grauman is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin. ...
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Workshop Overview

BMVC 2015 is pleased to announce that the following 5 workshops will be included in the conference programme. All workshops are scheduled at PM on Thursday 10 September.

Workshops are free for all attendees registered to the main conference. Workshop authors however must register to the workshop event (regardless main conference...
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