Meet DeepData AI
Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Solutions

Deep Data is a university spinoff company registered in the UK. We focus on state-of-the-art machine learning and pattern recognition techniques for solving real world problems, such as identifying biomarkers, detecting rare events, understanding medical images, predicting trend from time-series data, and processing textual information. Many of the techniques we develop are using novel deep neural networks and they have been extensively validated on real world datasets.

Our aim is to provide efficient and innovative Artificial Intelligence solutions that can benefit your business. If you would like to get in touch, please email:

AI & Healthcare

Medical Imaging

  • Image Reconstruction

    Reliably reconstruct 3D and 4D medical data. Efficient noise removal and data interpolation. Produce effective visualisations.

  • Image Segmentation

    Deep Data has accumulated a vast amount of expertise in both semiautomatic and automatic segmentation of anatomical structures from various modalities, including MRI, CT, Ultrasound, PET, SPECT, and X-ray.

  • Image Registration

    We provide solutions to both rigid and nonrigid registrations of medical scans in 2D and 3D. Registration provides reliable correspondences between target images and makes comparisons more meaningful and quantifiable.

  • Abnormality Detection

    Our machine learning and pattern recognition techniques are well equipped to generalise normal structures and functions and thus to automatically highlight those abnormalities from medical scans.

  • Motion Analysis

    Quantifying motions plays a vital role in diagnosis and treatment planning. Deep Data has developed advanced computer vision techniques to track soft tissues of various organs in a range of imaging modalities.

  • Functional Assessment

    Image based functional assessment requires a range of image processing techniques, including segmentation, registration, and tracking. Deep Data is well placed to offer robust solutions to these tasks.

Computer Vision

Natural Language Processing

  • Keyword Generation

    Manual processing of textual documents is increasing impractical due to the vast volume of such data arsing at ever increasing speed. Keyword or key phrase extraction is an important step in summarising and understanding individual documents. State-of-the-art natural language processing techniques, in particular deep neural network models, have been developed to perform this task with a particular emphasis on capturing the “keyness”. Our models are provided with easy to use APIs.

  • Automatic Summarisation

    Automatic text summarisation is a challenging but a vital task in many applications. With our extensive experience in machine learning and deep neural network, we can help you to search and build the right NLP solutions to extract the most important and relevant information contained in the documents. We provide both extractive text summarisation methods and abstractive text summarisation techniques.

  • Document Clustering and Classification

    At a higher level, automatically organising text documents is an important stage in text mining. A host of unsupervised and supervised techniques have been developed to achieve efficient and meaningful document clustering and classification. With these utilities, we are able to offer you cost effective and bespoke solutions to your NLP tasks.

Financial Analysis